I live in a modern, democratic, diverse, multi-cultural, liberal minded English city.  Well, that’s what I’m told.  It is, but, only up to the point of swilling cheap liquor and indulging in sex without restraint.  We have a robust legal system so that should make stuff O.K.  Right?  Then, the massacre of Westminster happened, quickly followed by the bombing of children in Manchester, and the London Bridge/Borough Market stabbings.

After heart felt empathy and sympathy for those victims and their families what other feelings do I have?  I want to live, don’t want to die.  Still believe in the Light and the Resurrection!   I don’t need to make excuses for what I believe in and I don’t care much for people who do.  My steadfast allegiance to God and to England have slumbered but now my ire is up.  My country is being taken for granted; her men abused by a system of greed and corruption.  Children wasted by a lack of proper education and a once proud NHS in tatters.

What to do?  The country ponders.

A General Election called by an unelected Prime Minister revealed layers of conspiracy and counter-subterfuge that we, the people, have failed to address.  Yes, it is up to us the electorate to do something about it.  Government answers to us.  Vote or Not it is your choice.  Make a decision.  Live by the consequences.  I’m telling you, the people of England, “Make your Government accountable or one day you’ll shatter like a wall of glass.”

After I make my vote this Thursday this ‘Mad Ass Momma’ is going on a hike!

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